Le VOID sheets

       Panda Kunst’s mission is to create a link between art and fashion, t-shirt being the perfect element of proximity, when loaded with meaning and an emotional dimension, it becomes manifest.

        Between humor, poetry and second degree; Culture becomes a "product " available to all, wearing a t-shirt Panda Kunst becomes an act of positive claim, leading to questioning. The PK slogans, are inspired by philosophy, myths, rock and roll, politics, literature, or the news .... like "cash from chaos", we demand that intellectual / literary be the fundamental elements of inspiration!

       We want that culture is no longer necessarily seen as an effort but as a pleasure and a common means of communication of 21 th century. Panda Kunst, is primarily a philosophy of life, "statement"of Cultural Pop.

       To communicate about our products, we create a world around the brand using audio-visual and conceptual art more accurately, so that the message is propagated by the followers of the brand and our own "Propapanda".

       The shape of the T-shirt is designed exclusively for the brand. A cup of traditional and modern mix to make it the ideal t-shirt. 100% Organic cotton, Made in sunny Los Angeles...