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Louis-Marie de Castelbajac x Tyler Alexandra

Louis-Marie de Castelbajac


Ode to the Femme Fatale,

Tyler and I have known each other since our early 20’s, having met through mutual friends in Los Angeles, California. Until recently, we were focused on developing our independent projects. Two years ago Tyler established her eponymous collection of luxury handbags, Tyler Alexandra. I was incredibly inspired by her contemporary yet luxurious approach to design; and, her ability to challenge pre-established design codes as she pushed the boundaries of creation. We realized, after years of each elaborating our own projects, it would be great to combine our two unique design perspectives in one collaborative collection.

As we began our collaborative endeavors, Tyler encouraged me to push-the-envelope and conjure a collection as avant-garde as I liked. In this important effort with Tyler Alexandra, I wanted to create a collection of story-telling bags, as if each piece stood as a metaphor for a place and situation. The Louis-Marie + Tyler Alexandra bags personify very specific moods, and scenarios that are informed by our own personal experiences. By virtue of these very specific references, each piece has found its own strong personality.

This combined inspiration gave birth to the: French bag, Scuba bag, Mummy bag and the heated S&M bag. Taking from the basis of Tyler Alexandra collection, the collection is based upon a model of bag called the Winifred, which Tyler designed in honor of her grandfather. I felt the Winifred silhouette would be the most apropos canvas for this season’s collection.

This collaboration is a celebration of the grand women that were and that are and that will be!

~Louis-Marie de Castelbajac